Psychic predictions 2020

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Psychic predictions 2020

Join my Inner Circle and learn the psychic cosmic secrets that will improve your life forever. A few more people in Hollywood will announce they have been exposed to the Coronavirus and go into self-quarantine. Certain parts of the world are going to find a rapid decline in the number of new infections reported. Political unrest will break out in parts of the Middle East but the response to get things under control will be slow. Any problem has a solution with the right psychic help and guidance!

Click here now and let me use my psychic powers to help you find the solutions and guidance you need! Scientists will announce they are working on a spaceship that can travel faster than anything we currently know about.

The outcome of the Coronavirus will not be as tragic as many people may fear. It will get under control sooner than many think. A new discovery will be made that will show promise for curing or showing extreme improvement in arthritis. Smaller butts with plumper thighs will become the new rage.

Doctors will warn against it. To schedule a psychic reading, click here now! Extremely humid weather will be in store this summer in many parts of the world where humidity is never an issue.

My Latest Psychic Predictions For 2020 (March release)

Thank you for looking out for everyone Tana! I hope your prediction come true about the coronavirus. That it will be control sooner that we think And yes your prediction came true the stock market was going down causing people to lose lots of money on that day.

You are a real and awsome psychic, i can feel your energies when you speak which never happend while watching any other gifted psychic alike your self. Taking Zinc and Vitamin C also seems to keep a healthy immune system…Your right other parts of the world are recovering with the right formulas…. Everyone enjoys your readings and positive solutions.

I seem to pray for her and I usually get a response back from her in the spirit world…I love you Mom…and she says I love you too Son…. Join Now. Ready to get Started?

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Schedule a Reading NOW Tags: psychic predictionsApril psychic predictionspsychicpsychic medium Tana Hoypsychic tana hoytana hoy. Paris Aries says:. March 23, at am.Pandemic Predictions to I predict a large focus for the world in will be the earth itself. We could be in for a roller coaster of a year.

Lots of attention with the planet and the environment and the health of the Earth. Another big emphasis will be on Money matters, business, acquiring acquisitions and wealth.

Read the article in Fabiosa Here. See what the Stars have to say about your future. This is generally a stable time for building up your personal empire and taking steps towards making your dreams come true. There have been a lot of changes to world views and policies over the last few years and this year things are going to get really organized, serious and with more restrictions and control.

This is because there are also heavy energies in the universe that are influencing our lives. Prince William and Kate Predictions Prince Harry and Meghan Predictions Card Reading Gift Certificates. Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes. But this year, there are extraordinary energies that could see the downfall of old values and institutions, especially to do with money and fuel.

We could be in for a roller coaster of events on the world stage. The number 22 is a spiritual number that represents religion, angels and spirituality. I predict more people will be interested in the occult. Occult means hidden, not something bad, by the way. More people will be turning to alternate and new views about their spirituality. For some, this will be their calling.Join my Inner Circle and learn the psychic cosmic secrets that will improve your life forever.

The relationship between Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt will develop into something a little more than just friends. Any problem has a solution with the right psychic help and guidance!

Click here now and let me use my psychic powers to help you find the solutions and guidance you need! The saliva of a common house pet will be discovered to have certain healing properties for certain diseases.

psychic predictions 2020

Advances in longevity will be made, which will allow people to live 15 years longer on the average. To schedule a psychic reading, click here now! Avoid the 3 rd12 thand 20 th when it comes to meeting people for dating. People having relationship problems will find that their relationships will begin to improve and the love they once had returning. A drop in the stock market will unexpectedly happen, causing people to lose lots of money on that day.

The movie industry will be a good investment this month for people who are familiar with this kind of investing. Dangerously cold weather will hit the Midwestern parts of the US causing some people to lose their lives. Conversation with someone about it.

Even in movies they make jokes out of saying that they have it. I keep wondering if part of this is more money in their pockets for surgery.

psychic predictions 2020

I also wonder if HPV is bacteria related like cause by soap, humidity, body germs, etc. Thank you for the emails! Looking forward to the manifestation of many of your predictions once more. More so the medical ones. They always fascinate me!! Hi Tana! I love reading your predictions! Your predictions are accurate mom passed Dec 24th and hope her reunion is welcomed…Before she passed she said love you….

I hope to see some improvements in medical field …. I am working on getting my songs put on videos and hope to get my retirement account back to making money after paying off all Moms debt in probate….

Join Now. Ready to get Started? Schedule a Reading NOW Tags: psychic predictionsMarch psychic predictionspsychicpsychic medium Tana Hoypsychic tana hoytana hoy. Sixx says:.

psychic predictions 2020

February 17, at am. Irma says:. February 17, at pm. Paris Aries says:. Jenn says:.Here's what they see going down in awards season, the presidential election, and even your love life in the year to come.

So, because we like to be prepared, we asked some of the keenest readers and divination experts to share their predictions on what love, work, politics, and even the Oscars will look like in As the political campaign in the U. We will be aligned with the energy for the next 30 years of restructure, especially in economics and politics. Those wanting to start a new business or make new investments will see quick expansion and success, especially if it has a creative edge to it.

With that, we will see an uprising in humanity and fairness over greed and profit in a revolution for kindness. We will see this in the areas of technology, medicine, and pharmaceuticals.

When the trees bloom in the springtime the sassy Scorpios and watery Cancers will be singing the sweet melody of love songs. This winter and spring will be hot! There are opportunities for new relationships if you are single, just make sure to do some soul work as the person you meet will be worthy of being a forever mate. Are you ready to commit? Wedding bells may indeed ring in for Leos.

You might not be ready quite yet for those wedding bells, but this year is all about passion and relationships. So, if you are single and looking, or with someone and feeling stagnant, Jupiter helps kick things into high gear in [your] love zone — all for the better.

Passion, sensuality, and sexuality is in the stars forand this combination can help current, new, and potential love interests. Be careful, though, as the potential for a lost love from your past may pop up. Although his astrological energy is unpredictable and maverick-like, he makes for a safe choice. I also see a dark horse coming into the race early in that may create a total upheaval. I do see more amazing projects for both these women in the future.

Cards drawn: Queen of Swords reversed, Nine of Pentacles. Which means: This is not the year to fudge with the facts. Speak candidly, admit your mistakes, and clear the air as need be. People want the facts — and will find them, no matter how hard you try to cover your tracks.

If you do get fronted out, fess up. Rewards are coming due for those who laid the groundwork and planted the seeds. Everything is beginning to blossom.Prediction 1: The US will be joint Mining rare gases and minerals on asteroids, comets, and planets with other countries. Jain, a serial entrepreneur who also founded Internet companies Infospace and Intelius.

Prediction 2: A return to the moon by several countries will be for military purposes to install a relay station on the dark side of the landscape or for an International moon base. Other countries have chosen to land on the near side of the moon. Our next move probably will see some spacecraft land on the far side of the moon. Prediction 3: A Robotic android interactive sex partner will be perfected and sold in the US. Prediction 4: Ray guns that will temporarily incapacitate a person will be commonly used by police and the military.

This will also include biometric starters for new cars. Prediction 8: A non-invasive electrical implant device that can erase traumatic childhood memories and eliminate panic attacks is invented.

Prediction 9: Vehicles will have remote tracking capability that Law Enforcement Agencies can track or identify at a distance much like they do with cellphones today with special equipment from a helicopter or car. Prediction Sudden Infant Death Syndrome SIDS Will be eliminated after an electrical impulse device will monitor brain activity and will stimulate breathing when oxygen levels drop in the lungs.

Prediction Cars and trucks will be required to be fitted with remote control devices from the factory that can be shut off by police to stop high-speed chases. Prediction A successful method of cryogenic suspended animation will be perfected so humans can be preserved until a disease is eradicated and resuscitated. Prediction Laser weapons will be commonplace in space and be used by countries against each other instead of ground wars. Prediction In the future, there will be 2 people who occupy the office of President, not like we do now with a First Lady and President or First Gentleman if applicable.

The office will be unified symbolically as a unit giving the married partner partial presidential status. Prediction Prison populations will be reduced after many non-violent inmates will be fitted with tracking devices instead of being incarcerated as-long-as they remain employed or become social contributors.

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Prediction North Korea will be unified with South Korea and create one of the top successful economic forces in the region. Prediction Welfare systems will be overhauled and people will be trained for free, sent to school for free, and then required to accept jobs provided for them by the government or they will lose their entitlements.

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Prediction A cross-country high-speed rail system construction will begin from the East coast going to the West coast. Prediction Bionic eye transplants will be commonplace for the blind.Tune into our Hair Matters Podcast to listen to the entire interview. Below are the questions we asked! Ellen feels the case will be swept under the rug with the influence of Bill Belechik.

Latest Psychic Predictions 2020 (100% Insightful?!)

The timing of the case is off, therefore, she believes not guilty! Ellen predicts a sleeper season and they will not go as far as the Super Bowl; She also senses Tom may spend a lot of time of the bench this upcoming season :. Ellen believes he was a man of perversion, again, the case will eventually fade away. She does believe that some "Elite" names will come out, but we will never know the true story.

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There is a black book, but no one will ever admit Bill Clinton was involved. It is obvious that personally she does not like Trump, but she gave us an unequivocal "no" answer! Ellen believes that we are in a recession, even though it does not necessarily appear that way. She believes that the global economy will take a hit and real estate will have a major correction. We are from Boston, Ellen predicts that the large cities real estate, such as Boston will not be impacted.

She does believe there will be an unconventional way of purchasing home - such as eliminating realtors! In the past Ellen has been spot on, only the future will tell!

If you would like a reading by Ellen feel free to contact Noelle NoelleSalon. Topics: Hair Matters Podcast. Noelle Spinosa has been hair stylist for over 25 years. Noelle has also been highlighted in both the Boston Globe and the Boston Herald for her in depth knowledge of hair extensions.

Sep 16, AM. Antonio Brown Case? Ellen predicts a sleeper season and they will not go as far as the Super Bowl; She also senses Tom may spend a lot of time of the bench this upcoming season : Will Tom Brady Retire?

She predicts that Tom will retire while on top, she believes this is his last season The Jeffrey Epstein Case? Will Donald Trump win the Presidential Election ? For New England, she predicts a bad winter with more ice than snow! Written by Noelle Spinosa Noelle Spinosa has been hair stylist for over 25 years. Hours Open 7 Days a Week Tues. Thurs: 10a-8p.We did. Please read the article below.

Will this magical number build the platform for an epic year? Let us hear from the most publicly celebrated psychic mediums! Included below are:. Psychic for the Stars, Psychic Nikki, has had a solid reputation of being accurate in her predictions in the past. Many of these have accurately included worldwide protests, the roller-coaster stock market, extreme weather events and of course UFO sightings. With this, she comes in with some heavy hitters for the new Here they are:.

Nikki sees a female candidate in our future on the Democratic Ticket. Global warming will be a centerpiece in the activist movement. Look for a landscape shift in Hollywood, from action-packed sequels and franchises which currently dominate headlines and the box offices.

Some of the singers from the past will make comebacks, like Earth, Wind, and Fire. There is good news in the field of medicine.

2020 President Donald Trump Predictions

She feels robots will take a big part in our IT world. Well, the robots are going to take over, for sure. You may ha robotic wife or husband or boss.

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In latePsychic Nicolas Aujula shared accurately visions telling him was going to be a difficult year. And so it occurred. For instance, he predicted the destruction of Notre Dame by fire inas it sadly stuck and shocked the world.


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