Rc turbine engine

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Rc turbine engine

Gift Vouchers Turbines RC. Brand: Turbines RC. Home-made, small scale production. Brand: HM Modelltechnik. Brand: Sab Avio.

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It is also possible to install another type of turbine with the same characteristics of thrust and size. Brand: Sebart. Sebart fiberglass mini Jet with electric retracts, gear doors and corresponding servos and sequencer, as well as all accessories. Sebart fiberglass mini Avanti S Jet with electric retracts, gear doors and corresponding servos and sequencer, as well as all accessories. Following the success of the Avanti S Mini version in EDF and kerosene, Sebart offers a larger version with the possibility of installing both versions of the engine.

The Avanti XS, with a wingspan of 1. Brand: Jet Arrows. Brand: Tomahawk D. Tomahawk Futura 1. Top quality building and materials. Made in Germany. Sebart Avanti S Jet. Multi-Role Turbine Jet with all accessories.

Version without landing gear. Multi-Role Turbine Jet, ready to fly, with retracts and all accessories. Multi-Role Turbine Jet with retracts and all accessories. All specials.

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Jets Turbine There are 35 products. Add to cart More.How it works and tips on selection along with links to related sites. RC jet powered RC helicopters are now a perfectly practical but quite expensive! The unit is very similar to that used for turboprop model jet engines, Click here for more data with one difference- the gear reduction box has a 90 degree shaft output.

This puts the drive shaft in the same position as a conventionally powered RC helicopter. In fact, some manufacturers are offering RC turbine power as an option to the well known types, like gas, nitro or electric power. Note that the output shaft is pointing upwards, for connection to the helicopter main and tail rotors.

You will also notice that this RC jet turbine is a 2-stage unit. The 2-stage concept is explained in more detail on this page, "Model Jet Engines. The first stage of these engines are identical to the micro turbine used in fixed wing RC jets and are explained in more detail, on the page "RC Jet Engines Simplified".

Click here to visit the page. Below you will find the performance specifications for the Wren 44 Helicopter package. Power 6. As you can see this is quite a powerful package and should be able to fly a lager helicopter easily. Now this model is capable of 3D aerobatics and a scale model would be a little larger and heavier.

This photo shows the interior construction of the Magnum Note that the turbine is facing rearwards!. This helps with balancing the RC helicopter and also gives some protection in the event of contact with terra firma- it happens to all of us, at some point!

These models are available, in North America, from 2 distributors. This is a 2-stage turbine and note the fan mounted to the gearbox. This keeps the temperature to reasonable levels. Note that the maintenance interval of 50 hours, refers to the period when the unit should be returned to the manufacturer for service. This usually means replacement of the main bearings.

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These ceramic units are subject to extremely high RPMs and temperatures and it is amazing they last as long as they do! Don't worry your e-mail address is totally secure.Gift Vouchers Turbines RC.

Brand: JP Hobby. Brand: RBC Kits. Brand: FMS. Brand: E-Flite. The E-flite Viper 70mm EDF is the perfect first high-performance jet that delivers all the essentials including incredible speed, vertical performance and aerobatic capability while also being easy to take off and land on a variety of surfaces.

Air Force Thunderbirds to your local flying field. The E-flite F Eagle 64mm EDF features a 4S-compatible brushless power system and an blade fan to deliver an incredible air superiority fighter experience. Brand: Turbines RC. Move to the next Level! Home-made, small scale production.

Brand: Phoenix Model. The Bae Hawk is an advanced trainer with a two-man tandem cockpit, a low-mounted cantilever wing and is powered by a single turbofan engine. This high quality Bae Hawk is one of the best looking and performing mm EDF jets available anywhere, a genuine scale, with true Turbine Jet sound and high performance EDF at an affordable price, for jet fans, this Brand: Freewing.

This version is equiped with a stabilization system. Following up on their popular 70mm variant, Freewing has answered the many customer calls to scale up their F Starfighter and give it the full "90mm Super Scale" treatment. Do It Yourself!

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Although delays in delivery are possible, the RC Turbines team remains operational and continues to ship and deliver your orders anywhere in the world.

Protect yourself, your health and that of your loved ones is the most important. Special preorder price! See More! Jets EDF. JP Hobby. EDF Ducted Fan separate.

EDF for Gliders. All specials.

rc turbine engine

Popular New arrivals Specials Featured products. Add to cart More. Discover the full EDF Schubeler series. Add to cart.

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Hager Impressivo 0. Hager Impressivo Massimo 1. Nicesky P mm PNP. Freewing Flightline FW V2 mm Dynam Supermarine Spitfire MK. VB mm PNP.

Freewing Flightline Spitfire Mk. IX mm PNP.RC jet engines are described and details as to how model jet engines work. The model jet engine has been around for a while now and has firmly established itself as an important part of the RC hobby. The prices are still high although when you consider the technology involved, they still are a bargain! The pilot's reflexes, when flying at these speeds, need to be in tip-top shape and I know I shall never be able fly one!

Please check before you go too far, in your turbine adventure! The principals involved are identical to those associated with the full size gas turbine engine. Very simply the principal involved is "Suck-Squeeze-Bang-Blow". The "Suck" refers to the centrifugal compressor, that draws air into the engine, at the center. The vaneson the compressor, direct the air, outwards, towards the outer "can" of the turbine, where they are compressed "Squeeze". Here it passes through the another set of turbine blades and exits out of the nozzle.

This rotary motion is transferred, via the main shaft, back to the centrifugal compressor. Thus the cycle is complete and self sustaining.

Listing: JetCat Turbines

Full size gas turbines use an axial compressor rather than the centrifugal type and usually have multiple combustion chambers, spaced around the "Can". However, during the early days of full size turbine development, centrifugal compressors were used. The Whittle gas turbine and the DH Goblin turbines come to mind. Take a look at this Wikipedia page for details of the Goblin. As mentioned above, the process is self sustaining, but starting has to be a problem, if the pressure produced by the compressor, is low as it is when stationary or at low RPM.

This can be accomplished by using an RC electric motor to turn the main shaft. In the early days of the RC jet engine, compressed airfrom a scuba tank, was directed into the compressor.

Today most manufacturers build in the starter motor, at the nose of the compressor. The next starter challenge, for these engines, is regarding the fuel. In order to ignite, the fuel should be in a gaseous state.

The ignition is accomplished by a glow plug, similar to that as used in 2-stroke glow engines. Once the combustion chamber is hot enough, the regular fuel Jet A1-Kerosene and turbine oil, as used in full size turbines is sprayed as a fine mist and it is vaporized, by the high temperature.

It replaces the normal glow plug. When RC jet engines, first appeared, over 10 years ago, this complete start procedure was accomplished manually. As well as staring RC jet engines, the ECU keeps it running in a safe and reliable state, continuously monitoring the RC jet turbine and also initiating the shut down protocol.

The throttle control is simply adjusting the fuel pump, to deliver more or less fuel. RC jet engines are available in a fairly wide range of sizes. Maximum thrust can vary from 5 lbs to over 50 lbs. For accuracy of manufacture, CNC machining is employed on all the critical components. Precision Dynamic Balancing is used to ensure that the parts do not fly apart, at these kind of speeds! Also ceramic ball bearings are required, because of the speeds and temperatures encountered.

When these facts are thought about, it is not surprising why the price of jet engines is not much higher!Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number.

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Simply put, you won't find a better resource for designing and fabricating micro turbo-jet engines. Weather your a weekend warrior just getting the itch for something fast and dangerous, or a veteran mechanical engineer looking to prove a point, this book is full of the engineering principals, design drawings, equations, calculations, and practical advice you need to accidentally catch your house on fire.

rc turbine engine

So break out the lathe and update your homeowner's policy and prepare yourself for an epic adventure with this amazing guide! I intended this for general reading, not as a how-to manual. I don't intend to try and manufacture a turbine disk using the methods in this book, as they are for sale commercially. I can see that a machinist with a mill and lathe could perform the operations in this book.

I appreciate that Hr. Schreckling included notes on the manufacturing methods he used, and it helps me understand the time involved. Just as an aside, this is translated from German, and the translator seems to have done a very good job. Overall this is a good book on the basic theory and construction of a model gas turbine and I would recommend it to others with a similar interest.

The book looks a little thin, but it is packed with lots of good information in small print. I could not give the book 4 stars because there are problems with the type setting of the equations. If you already have some mathematical and engineering experience, you can probably figure out what is intended. Otherwise some of the equations could be a little confusing. The book is very informative, and gives you step-by-step instructions to manufacture your own jet engine.

The design is a bit outdated, and other materials on Amazon can help you create a more modern, better performing engine. The fact remains that this is a very good book to have on the shelf of anyone who may want to build their own jet engine at home, at least once.New to RC flying?

Get my popular ebook today, to help you on your way! A true turbine rc model jet engine adds the ultimate touch of realism to a radio controlled jet, and commercially produced units for rc use are now widely available - if not always affordable! Turbine rc jet flying has become a big thing in recent years and there are some spectacular models around, large and small, but this aspect of the hobby is not for the novice.

Endless hours of flying experience and an impressive budget are needed to actively participate in flying proper radio control jets powered by real gas turbines. Even the smaller model jet engines are not cheap - and that's on top of the cost of the jet itself, the radio gear and all the other necessary accessories.

The model jet engine (gas turbine)

So it's serious business indeed but ultimately has to be one of the most rewarding ways of enjoying rc flying Incidentally, rc model gas turbine engines are also used in other rc aircraft types such as turboprops and helicopters but, from a personal point of view, I don't find scale turbine powered helis too realistic because of the sound - rc helicopters running on a turbine sound more like jets than helicopters again, just a personal opinion.

Shown right is a JetCat model turbine, one of the first and more popular commercially produced model jet engines readily available.

Wrenfrom the UK, is another favourite model jet engine manufacturer with an excellent reputation. Before real model jet engines appeared on the radio control flying scene, rc jets always lacked the authenticity of having a true gas turbine. Previously radio control jets had to be powered by either an engine with a propeller thus spoiling the look of the aircraft or ducted fan units.

A ducted fan unit, like the one shown on the right, is mounted inside the jet's fuselage. This at least means there is no propeller to ruin the look of the jet, but until electric ducted fans EDFs became widely available the only choice was an IC internal combustion powered one, notably powered by a glow plug engine.

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An IC ducted fan unit is very noisy and this unrealistic sound, like the presence of a propeller, really ruins the realism of a model jet. EDFs have made flying a model rc jet much more accessible within the hobby. Pulse jets were another option but these are more rocket motors than anything else.

A pulse jet runs at full throttle for a short time and then the jet glides. Fun maybe, but not particularly realistic! But now, thankfully, model jets can be powered by a fully functional and realistic looking and sounding jet turbine, thanks to manufacturers like JetCat and Wren.

A model jet engine design can vary slightly from one manufacturer to another but they all work on the same basic principle.

The most common type nowadays is the centrifugal flow turbine as opposed to the lengthier axial flow turbine.

rc turbine engine

The big difference between centrifugal and axial flow turbines is in the stage of air compression. In a centrifugal flow unit, air entering the turbine is thrown outwards as it passes over the spinning impelleror compressor.

The air hits against the inside of the can at great speed and so gets highly compressed as it passes into the combustion chamber.

This intense compression increases the pressure and hence temperature of the air, making it more effective when it mixes with the fuel. The kerosene based fuel, commonly called Jet A1is introduced into the combustion chamber as a very fine mist and so mixes easily with the now highly compressed air. The gases exhaust finally get squeezed through the narrowing jet pipe at the very rear of the engine, exiting at great speed and pressure thus generating the high levels of thrust associated with jet turbines.

Model jet engines need to be initially spun up without burning any fuel. Only when the compressor has reached the necessary revolutions per minute RPM can the fuel be introduced into the chamber and the engine operate normally. This initial part of the start-up sequence can be done by blowing compressed air into the front of the engine to spin the compressor blades, or a small electric motor can be fitted to the turbine an increasingly common method of turbine start-upor an external high-RPM electric starter can be used, similar to those used for starting rc airplane engines.

Swiwin Turbines

An electric motor gives you the auto-start option, which is true to a real gas turbine.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Click Here to Download Instruction Manual. JetCat PRO engines provide the highest level of integration and maximum ease of installation. Engine sided fully integrated no further external equippment necessary :.

Grants Pass Airport Brookside Blvd. Deland Airport A Flightline Blvd. Bargain Bin Radio Control. How PayPal Works. Add to Cart Qty: Add to Cart. Engine sided fully integrated no further external equippment necessary : ECU Electronic control unitwatertight conformal coated.

Brushless fuel pump completely sealed, salt water resistant, high efficient Internal routed EGT probe easily user replaceable.

Electric starter user replaceable. Direct Kerosene startup. Shut-Off valves solenoids for main fuel and start fuel. Threaded fuel supply connection via 8mm tubing, internal fuel filter. Options: Bleed air port e. Additional high power, 3-phase AC output e. Related Products. Secure Card Transactions. Not responsible for typographical or misprint errors. All rights reserved, All reproduction in part or in whole prohibited.


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